American Services takes care of our landscaping maintenance, irrigation systems, pest control and some snow removal. They do a great job and are very responsive to our needs. The people at American Services are all great to work with and make us feel like family. I would highly recommend American Services for all the services they provide.

Carolyn Neal | Eastgate Metroplex

American Residential Group has been using American Services Pest Control for 2 years and been pleased with the service we have received. We use them for monthly/weekly pest control at all our Apartment Communities for our apartments as well as exterior treatment on all properties. The Pest Control team is on our properties every week for any apartment that needs attention and we schedule all exterior work as needed. We have had treatment for bed bugs that may have needed more than one treatment and American Services has been diligent in coming back as many times as necessary to seek permanent eradication. We feel like American Services provides a quality service for a reasonable price.

Becky Weaver, CPM | American Residential Group

“This letter is sent in appreciation to you and your company for your continued pest control services at our facility.

Enterprise Holdings has been a tenant for nearly 1.5 years at Eastgate Metroplex, and you have consistently treated our floors, provided customer service and answered many pest control questions. As specific needs arise, you have proven capable of handling promptly and successfully.

We are happy to recommend your services to other companies. Please feel free to utilize us a future reference.”

Janelle Lenox, Tulsa Campus Manager | Enterprise Holdings

Our business has used American Services for the past several years, and they continually deliver the quality of service that we expect in order to maintain our professional appearance. Whether your needs are residential or commercial, you can trust American Services to provide a finishing touch.

Jack Hayhurst | Hayhurst Funeral Home

“Absolutely amazing service! Customer care was clearly one of their top priorities. Will DEFINITLY be doing business with these folks again. Would highly recommend!”
Max Grisham

“Great service! I was bit by a brown recluse and worried about more spiders being in the house because of something i read online saying for every one brown recluse you see there are 10 more in the house. They came out and did a thorough spray and it had a year warranty so if i see another spider I can call and they’ll come back out free of charge, so far so good though. Highly recommend!”
April Moses