PestGuard 365

Best product for pest defense

Our exterminators use PestGuard 365 to treat a variety of pests. It comes with a 12 month warranty. American Services Inc. believes you deserve the best option in available treatments.

 PestGuard 365 is EPA approved and is environmentally friendly. However, if you feel you may be sensitive to the chemicals you should talk to your doctor before beginning treatment.

Eliminates a variety of indoor and outdoor pests

American Services Inc. relies on the PestGuard365 system for roaches, ants, crickets, spiders, mice and silverfish, and you can rely on it, too. We specialize in fiddleback spider control, which is also known as the brown recluse spider.

7-step application process

 – Step 1: Treats interior void areas with an injected liquid or dust, such as inside walls (reached by light plates), door and window jams, plumbing, and kick plates under cabinets.

– Step 2: Treats beneath heavy appliance areas and storage, including washer and dryer, refrigerator, hot water heater, and the garage.

– Step 3: Applies roach bait paste in kitchen cabinets, dressers, vanities, the back of drawers, and closets.

– Step 4: Treats the attic for ants, roaches and silverfish with dust, and pellet application.

– Step 5: Includes outdoor baiting for ants and roaches in flower beds, heavy brush, wood piles, and mulch areas.

– Step 6: Treats exterior entry ways to get rid of crawlers and spiders including doors and window frames, soffits, interior of the garage, electric and plumbing access, and the base of the home.

– Step 7: Spreads granules on the ground (3 foot band around the building) to treat garbage areas, wood piles, and ant mounds.

 12-Month Warranty General Pest Control